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Charnwood Waterski and Wakeboard Club (CWWC) is located close to Leicester, in Thurmaston.

The Lake is adjacent to Watermead Country Park.

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are exciting sports, where a person is towed by a boat.

Gharnwood Waterski and Wakeboard Club is affiliated to the British Water Ski & Wakeboard (BWSW), which is is the national governing body of the sport and is responsible for issuing qualifications for driving and coaching. 

Charnwood Waterski and Wakeboard Club (CWWC) and the BWSW cover a number of different disciplines.

These are; 

  • Tournament: traditional waterskiing comprising of slalom, trick and jump.

  • Wakeboard: similar to snowboarding in look and terminology.

  • Kneeboard: Excellent for introducing new participants. This is the way a lot of people start on the water, and is especially popular amongst young children, as a confidence booster and a lot of fun!

We also do fun rides on inflatables.

This is all done behind a boat here at CWWC.

We have BWSW qualified drivers, insturctors and coaches on site. 

We are a family friendly boat owners waterski and wakeboard club.

There is a club boat operated by  qualified coaches.

We have the experience and equipment to help both those completely new to the sport, or those who have already tried it before and wish to develop their skill.

Although strictly speaking, we are not a commercial site, we have a day membership facility to accommodate members of the public who just want to have a go, or as an introduction to the club before joining.

So, if you would like to try Water Skiing or Wakboarding, give us a call and arrange your lesson!

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